House Cleaning

  • Regular Cleaning Maintenance - every week, every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks
  • One Time Cleanings – Move-In/Move-Out Cleanings, Spring Cleanings

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Consistency & Reliability:

We pair you with one cleaner, so that you can become familiar with the person taking care of your home and they can become familiar with your particular needs and clean as efficiently as possible.

Our cleaners arrive on schedule.

We do all that we can to keep our employees happy, and because of this, have very low turnover. This means you can anticipate that you will keep your assigned cleaner for a long time.

Insurance: Bonding, General Liability & Workers Comp

Service Guarantee:

We guarantee our work. If anything on your service agreement is not completed, we will return to complete the job at no charge.


Our goal is to give you a worry-free experience. We take the steps above to ensure that getting your house cleaned by Shine means that you really can check cleaning off your list. Your place will be cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom, reliably and consistently, with full attention to your home’s security and your pets’ security.



“Shine has cleaned my home and office for the last year to impeccable standards. When I sold our home, the buyer could not believe how detailed our exit cleaning was. I will trust not other to clean as well!”


-         Rebecca Sandoval


“Suzanne and her Shine crew – friendly, flexible, open, hard-working, and kind. I use Shine for both my business and my home and highly recommend her services.”


-         Jeannie Adair


“Shine has cleaned my retail store, office and home for 3 years and I couldn’t be happier with the job they do. Suzanne is honest, dependable and completely trustworthy and provides outstanding customer service and flexibility.”  


-         JMonet


“After years of using cleaning services for my home and never feeling that anyone could clean my house just the way I would do it myself, finding Shine has been a breath of fresh air.  Not only are the economical, customer service oriented and environmentally friendly, they also are the first cleaning service I have ever used that makes my home feel as though I had cleaned it myself. They are a joy to work with!”


-         Anna Walz


 “We were initially drawn to Shine’s cleaning services because they used green, non-toxic products. We’ve been using their service now for about 15 months and not only have they delivered on using products that are people, pet and environmentally safe, but they do a great and thorough job of cleaning our house. They’ve always been reliable and easy to work with. We highly recommend Shine.”


-         Susan & Lewis Rothlein


“Shine and Suzanne Wuelfing are both amazing.  Suzanne has been helping me out for the last several years, one day a week, has hardly ever missed a day, kept the house ship-shape, played with my kitty, and been a good friend.  It’s an amazing service.  When I’ve needed to do something big, she has found someone to do it.  I feel she’s always there for me and in a great mood and does a fantastic job.   YEA Suzanne!!”    


-        AdaLea 

“We have worked with Suzanne and her staff the last three months at Sign A Rama and have been WOW’d by the care that they put into their work. They are always on time, very courteous and have worked with out timeframe for the best schedule to come in. Over the last 3 months we love to come back after Shine has left our facility in such fine shape.”

-Ed Sullivan, Owner, Sign-A-Rama in Asheville NC

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