Construction Cleanup

Either a contractor/builder or a homeowner can hire Shine for post-construction cleaning. The service is the same whether we are hired by a contractor or by a homeowner. Construction clean-up takes place after all (or almost all) construction work is completed. Cleaning includes: removal of all forms of fine dust on all appliances, fixtures, sills, doors, moldings, cabinetry, baseboards, everything top to bottom; removal of spilled/dropped products such as paint, plaster, grout, etc; removal of stickers, labels, protective wraps; thorough cleaning of baths, kitchens, and floors; and more that you can find by requesting our construction cleanup checklist.

Why Hire Construction Cleanup Specialists? Can’t the Neighborhood Kids Do It?

Even the simplest, most straightforward construction cleanup requires so much work that it would take a homeowner days to complete by himself. The amount of fine dust left in every nook and cranny is overwhelming without efficient training and the proper tools. We often go in after a homeowner has attempted to clean on their own and found themselves fighting relentless fine dust for several weeks after construction is completed. Hiring a company experienced in construction clean-up means that the job will be finished, completely, within two days. At Shine, we also have encountered all manner of spills/drips/splatter from every imaginable material used in the construction process, from silicone on windows to paint on wood floors to chunks of plaster or grout in your brand new soaking tub. Through experience, we have been able to find non-toxic solutions to at least 95% of such construction cleanup messes. Another reason to hire professionals for this work is in order to avoid risking your safety on ladders. Shine is covered by workers compensation insurance for all indoor and outdoor work requiring ladders up to any height.

How We Make Construction Cleanup Green and Earth-Friendly

What makes your construction cleanup services green exactly? Instead of opting for harsh, caustic and extremely toxic solvents to remove debris, we have devised very simple, non-toxic methods for at least 95% of the messes we encounter in construction cleaning and window cleaning. Our methods involve a few simple products (soaps, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, Bon Ami scouring powder) and the right tools (varying grades of sponges, brushes and steel wool). We also have a variety of vacuum attachments that enable us to get dust out of all varieties of surfaces and crevices.

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