Community Involvement

Shine Takes Pride in Supporting the Living Wage in Asheville

I love having the ability to create good, green jobs. My mission is to make Shine more than simply a cleaning operation by creating well-paying, flexible jobs, that do not require using toxic cleaning chemicals for people in our community.

The Asheville Living Wage, as determined by the local organization, Just Economics, is $11.35/hr. Our cleaners start  there and receive raises and bonuses based on performance. And, while these jobs require hard work and elbow grease, they do not involve working with toxic chemicals.

Large, corporate cleaning companies pay their employees as little as they can while sending most of your cleaning dollars to a corporate office outside of your community. Shine’s goal is to pay our employees as much as we can, while the profit stays in your community.

Our Community Partnerships

  • BNI
  • Just Economics
  • WNC Green Building Council