Commercial Green Cleaning

There are many reasons responsible businesses choose “green” cleaning companies, but one is cost-effectiveness. GREEN CLEANING IS NOT MORE EXPENSIVE – in fact is less expensive. There are many fewer products to buy and they are cheaper than conventional cleaning products. Providing a green cleaning service is not more expensive. So there is no financial disadvantage to choosing a green cleaning company.

Advantages include providing healthier indoor air quality for your employees and customers. All work spaces will benefit from fewer toxic chemicals being used on the premises, but those that should be particularly aware of this include: veterinary offices, medical offices, businesses catering to pets or children.
Choosing a green cleaning company is especially advantageous when your business is open to the public and has lots of traffic throughout the day.

The Relationship Between Commercial Green Cleaning and Green Building

If you spend the time and money on a green built office or building, you can maintain the integrity of the space with commercial green cleaning services. And, unlike much of green building, green cleaning is not more expensive, either in the short- or long-run. If you have already invested in green materials & finishes in your building, you are reaping indoor air quality benefits such as reduced off-gassing or even no off-gassing. By choosing a green cleaning company you can maintain the indoor air quality you have already invested so much in.

A Commercial Green Cleaning Company Serving North Carolina and South Carolina

Shine Green Cleaning Co, Inc. serves Buncombe and surrounding counties in western North Carolina and Charleston County in South Carolina. Shine has over 12 years experience in green home cleaning and green office cleaning and 3 years experience in home window cleaning and construction cleanup (as well as sweep-outs or between cleans on construction sites.) We will be happy to visit your home, office or construction site and give a free estimate on any of our services. Call 828-582-6112 or email

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