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Cleaning Services in Charleston SC Come in All Shapes and Sizes – How to make the Best decision for Your Family or Business  

Hiring a cleaning company should mean you no longer have to do the cleaning, more free time and one less thing to worry about. Too often, it means mediocre cleaning jobs and new responsibilities for you in the form of overseeing cleaning, corresponding many times with the company or just cleaning up after the cleaner yourself.

Here are 4 tips on choosing a cleaning service:

1) Ask for referrals 

Ask friends and family if they have experience with cleaning services or if they know people who do and if they can recommend them. Often, word of mouth is the best way to find a good cleaning company. Chances are if they do a good job for others they will for you too.

2) Ask for references

Ask the company for 3 references and be sure to call them. Ask open ended questions so the client will feel free to share what’s on their mind.

3) Choose an Environmentally Friendly Company

Using non-toxic cleaners is not just for the wealthy or the “granolas”. It is essential for everyone’s health. Keeping your indoor air clear of chemicals will help you, your family, your pets and the cleaners themselves.

4) Don’t Base Your Choice on Who Is the Cheapest

Be sure you feel comfortable with the representative or owner of the company. Trust your gut and know that cheapest isn’t always best. Often it means they are cutting corners or don’t have a good reputation.

Tips for Choosing a Residential Cleaning Service in Charleston SC

1.) Ask for a free consultation and estimate

The company should be happy to come out to meet with you to see your home and give an estimate if not offer it. Be wary of those who won’t.

2.) Ask About Pricing

Choose a company that offers one flat rate rather than hourly charges. If a company charges hourly, there’s more of a chance they’ll move slower in order to make more money.

3.) Be Sure the Company Guarantees Satisfaction

A company who takes pride in their work will be more willing to be sure they do a good job and that any issues you have will be addressed.

4.) Ask About Company’s Pre-Employment Screening

Does the company perform criminal background checks? Be sure they have a procedure and ask if employees are legally allowed to work in the U.S.

 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service in Charleston SC

1.) Ask other commercial establishments who they recommend

Ask them about their experiences as well as their current cleaning company.

2.) Meet face-to-face with the cleaning representative

Meeting someone in person can tell you a lot about. Be sure you feel completely comfortable with the people in charge of the company.

3.) Ask about contracts and references

Be sure you feel comfortable with the companies terms and agreements and confirm they have legal permits to perform janitorial services. Be sure to ask for and check their references and run background checks.

4.) Choose a company that is insured and bonded

Ask to see a copy of their insurance certificate.

5.) Ask what kind of quality and assurance programs they have in place

Ask how often the owner or managers will perform checks.

Tips for Choosing a Construction Cleaning Service in Charleston SC

In addition to the above questions for commercial cleaning:

1.) Ask how long the company has been in business

Ask them how long they’ve been doing construction clean up. Some post construction clean up involves highly hazardous materials and requires experienced crews. It’s essential that correct procedures are followed.

2.) Be sure the company is bonded and fully insured

Be sure they hold a good amount of general liability.

3.) Ask if the each cleaning team is supervised by specially trained inspectors

Ask if the building area will be left according to code.

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Shine Green Cleaning is dedicated to making sure you are a happy client. We make it our job to make you and your environment safe and we take pride in a job well done.

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