Asheville House Cleaning

Asheville House Cleaning Tips

Green cleaning does not have to be complicated. There are simple non-toxic cleaning products you can use without having to create them yourself.
Here are some easy ways to remove most of the toxic chemicals from your house cleaning routine:

Spray white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide on cutting boards and food prep surfaces to kill 99.99% of germs that harbor on such surfaces.

Keep a spray bottle filled with white vinegar and one filled with hydrogen peroxide (the kind you get at the pharmacy) in the kitchen to make this easy. Clean your countertops with these too.

Dish soap and scouring sponge takes care of almost everything!

Keep a good, non-toxic brand of dish soap in the kitchen for washing dishes, then use it for scrubbing all grime and scum off of kitchen and bathroom surfaces. The suds plus the scouring action of a heavy-duty sponge (the green and yellow one you find at grocery stores in the cleaning aisle) removes soap scum, the grimy scum ring that accumulates in bathtubs, scratches/stains in white porcelain sinks. Careful, the sponge will scratch certain surfaces – keep the blue non-scratch sponge (also on grocery cleaning aisle) for scratch-able surfaces.

White vinegar (diluted in water) and optional essential oil for fresh clean scent for mopping your floors.

This removes any possibility of your pets or children picking up chemicals on their feet from your mopping solution. Keep white vinegar around to use (diluted about 10% in water) for mopping any floor surface (except marble which it will discolor.) Try putting a few drops of any essential oil you like (find them for a few dollars at any health food grocery) such as lemon, lemon-eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint. My clients regularly say how much they love these fresh clean scents that are not overpowering. Or if you prefer no scent, leave it out and the vinegar scent will dissipate within the hour.

House Cleaning in the Mountains Means Dealing with Mold

Many older homes in the mountains have issues with humidity, which creates mold problems not only in basements, but closets, bathrooms and potentially anywhere in the home.

Here are some easy tips for preventing/dealing with mold non-toxicly:

Run a dehumidifier:

Run one continuously in basements prone to mold and frequently in living areas prone to mold. Frequently run one overnight in bathrooms with mold problems.

10% bleach solution for mold/mildew in showers:

first, use non-toxic alternatives such as hydrogen peroxide and elbow grease to scrub off as much as possible. This should leave strips of mold along seams and corners of shower stalls. Keep a spray bottle filled with bleach diluted 10% in water. Wearing gloves, turn nozzle to stream and spray directly onto mold/mildew areas. This way you use no more than necessary, greatly reducing the amount of bleach that goes down the drain and that you inhale and handle.

1920’s Real Estate and Asheville House Cleaning

Asheville is full of beautiful houses built in the 1920’s. Often, these are the ones more prone to mold and mildew issues. See the above paragraph for some simple ways to manage mold and mildew inside the home.

Protect Your Family with Green Asheville House Cleaning Services

House cleaning products contain some of the most toxic chemicals for humans and animals to be around. If you or your housecleaner uses such products, your family is vulnerable to the residue left in your home.  Asheville cleaning services must take the health of employees and cleaning clients alike since both groups potentially inhale and make skin contact with chemicals in the cleaning products. Children and pets are often even more susceptible to toxins when exposed to the products used to clean the home. By hiring an Asheville cleaning service that eliminates toxins from the routine and minimizes exposure, you’ll find peace of mind that anyone in your home is safe.

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