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Why Green, Sustainable Practices Must Matter to Asheville Cleaners 

Asheville cleaning services have a responsibility to take seriously the health of their employees, who will be inhaling and making skin contact with cleaning products, and to take seriously the health of their cleaning clients, (and their employees/patients/children/pets/etc), who will also be exposed to the products used to clean their home or office. By hiring Asheville cleaners that eliminates or minimizes toxins from their routine, you can have the extra peace of mind that neither you nor the people doing your cleaning are being exposed to unnecessary toxins.  And it can be so simple and easy to eliminate these toxins. Read on!

What Green Products Do Asheville Cleaners Recommend?

Green cleaning does not have to be complicated. That is true for green home cleaning as well as commercial green cleaning and even home window cleaning and construction cleanup.

Hydrogen peroxide/white vinegar: great for sanitizing hard surfaces

Diluted vinegar: makes wood floors look their best (just don’t use on marble!) If you hate the smell, add some lemon or peppermint essential oil.

Bon Ami: is an all-natural scouring powder: use it with a wet, soapy, scouring pad to remove stains and even scratches from porcelain sinks & tubs

Dishsoap: Buy a good, non-toxic dishsoap and use it with a heavy duty sponge to get hard water spots off of shower walls and glass shower doors. Add Bon Ami for tougher/older spots.

What Credentials Should Asheville Cleaners Have to Ensure You Get the Highest Level of Safety and Quality?

When hiring a cleaning service, make sure it has the insurance and company policies that make your security and your property’s security a priority.

Green home cleaning and green office cleaning services should carry general liability and bonding insurances. General liability will cover any of your property that is broken or damaged during cleaning or even in the extreme circumstance that an error is made that results in a home or office fire or similar disaster. Bonding covers any loss due to theft by the cleaning person.

Much more important though is that the company has thoughtfully compiled procedures and systems (and tested them over time) to reduce there ever being an occurrence of negligence. A company that is truly conscientious will be able to tell you exactly what such policies they have in place.

Home window cleaning or construction cleanup services must do the above plus carry workers compensation insurance. This is extremely important – ask to see their certificate. The person hiring the home window cleaning or construction cleanup crew will be liable for worker injury if the company does not carry workers compensation.

One very good sign that any team of Asheville cleaners is trustworthy and conscientious is if they are paying their employees legally. If the company is not conscientious enough to pay into unemployment insurance and employees’ medicare and social security, it reflects poorly overall. This is one of the biggest expenses a cleaning company has, but it protects the employees and shows character.

At Shine Green Cleaning Co, Inc, no cleaner leaves a house or office without signing off on a checklist, which includes instructions for locking up and for any pet care. The owner checks in each week at several cleaning sites to check cleaners’ work and to go over it with them. This keeps quality high and consistent. Shine Cleaning and its employees are fully covered by bonding, general liability and workers compensation insurance. Shine takes care of its employees by paying into all aforementioned payroll responsibilities.

Shine Green Cleaning Co. – Asheville Cleaners Specializing in House Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, & Construction Cleanup

Shine has 12 years experience in green home cleaning and green office cleaning and 3 years experience in home window cleaning and construction cleanup (as well as sweep outs or between cleans on construction sites.) Ask for our detailed construction cleanup checklist.

The tools and techniques used in each type of cleaning are almost identical.

Shine has devised a mixture of an all-natural scouring powder, organic soap and a non-scratch sponge that addresses a majority of cleaning issues in each venue – it even recently removed hardened silicone from windows at a construction cleanup (that no other toxic chemicals were able to remove!) Cool.

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